Lucid Distributed Energy
advanced clean energy products for C&I

Distributed clean energy is the key to resilient and affordable energy for everyone. Today, distributed clean energy is at fossil fuel parity. Continuous and exponential clean energy technology advancements enable clean energy to become affordable and decentralized.
Smart Procurement Decisions are vital to accelerating the adoption of advanced clean energy technologies.

OEMs & project developers need a thorough comparative analysis of clean energy products to tackle supply chain challenges, choose the most environmentally friendly tech and make sound procurement decisions in a timely manner.

Our consulting services and training workshops cover financing options, payback periods, comparative technologies, safety, implementation timelines, maintenance costs, and more.

Learn about our Solutions covering clean energy advanced tech and products. Contact us to co-create course content and co-host educational workshops.

Some of our partners

Technology :
Thermal Energy Storage

Applications :
Grid Energy Storage

Sector :
Energy & Utilities

Technology :
Thermal Energy Storage

Applications :
Heating &  Cooling

Sector  :
Commercial  &  Industrial

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